Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

If you have been to the ‘about us page’ you will have found out a little about me. I am Janet Matthews and my other role here is counsellor - Cognitive Behavioural therapy (Scotacs Diploma in Counselling and Group Work ). I integrate CBT with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and other forms of counselling based on an initial assessment.

Space and Time for you

I seek to provide you with a warm welcoming place, where you can be truly yourself, share whatever is on your mind and what is holding you back. I have helped clients who felt overwhelmed by anxiety disorders, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders, addiction, self harm, anger, post traumatic stress and other mental health problems, I have also helped those who have to make big decisions in their lives and are finding this very difficult to do.


I offer a preliminary appointment so that we can get to know each other with no obligation to continue. I charge a reduced rate for the first appointment. We both have to feel comfortable about working together and it is ok for you to say you don’t think that what is on offer would help you.

I will start by listening to your story to gain an understanding of what has been happening to you and to help you understand also. This will enable me to tailor a programme that is right for you. I will support you as you learn to be kind to yourself, as you learn how to get in touch with what you are feeling change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviours, while building on your strengths. These new life skills, to include mindfulness, will help you manage stress, and resolve your problems. For some  the work we do is about helping your to get on with you life while you cope with the problems you are currently facing. Once again you will be able to live a fuller life and in the future achieve your full potential. This is a journey which for some can take 6 – 8 weeks but for others, longer. It is a journey we make together.

The first session is preliminary £25 and there after £40 per hour.

Group work

Group work is challenging and fun, but mainly very supportive as the group works together. Progress can happen quickly as you discover you are not the only one with this problem. Groups that I run include

  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Living life to the full (overcome anxiety and depression)
  • Assertive training

Groups are still to be scheduled this autumn so watch this space. Contact me if you want to be kept informed.

Working with Organisations

With extensive experience working in the NHS and University (Nursing, Management, Education and Curriculum development) I can offer your staff CBT Skills training workshops tailored to organisational need. This is particularly helpful to Teachers, Lecturers, Health and Social care professionals, enabling them to use these skills to help them, their pupils, students, patients, clients to realise their potential.

£25 per individual as part of a 2 hours group session.

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