2017 Retreats at Emmaus House, Edinburgh


All retreats begin from 4pm on Monday and end after breakfast on Saturday.

Cost: residential – £450 single (full board); £350ea sharing (full board).

To book please email or telephone us on 01312281066.


April 24-29

LISTENING “WITH THE EAR OF THE HEART” St Benedict’s way of discipleship and joy

Led by Andrew Bain,

Chaplain, Emmaus House, Edinburgh and the Emmaus Community of St Benedict

“Listen” is the first word of the Rule of St Benedict. In the midst of our 24/7, busy lives

this is Benedict’s invitation to attune our hearts to “hear” God in new and deeper ways.

For Benedict the reality of our shared life with people is the “workshop” in which we’ll

learn to use what he calls the tools of the spiritual life. Looking at the Rule together, and

listening through daily lectio divina we’ll explore how Benedict’s wisdom can lead us into

greater freedom and joy.

May 22-27


Led by Margaret Silf,

Retreat guide and author of “Landmarks”, “The Other Side of Chaos” and many other publications on Christian spirituality

The story of the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly is a remarkable model of how an all-consuming garden pest transforms into a creature that brings life to the plants it pollinates and joy to all who encounter it. If this can take place in the humble caterpillar, how much more so for the human family, engaged on a journey of spiritual evolution towards the best that we can become. During this retreat we will explore something of this ‘great work’ and how we too are in process of transformation, birthing an inner butterfly, and invited to be co-creators of a different kind of future for humanity. The retreat will offer daily talks on the theme of transformation and on ways in which we might personally respond to the invitation to evolve. There will be plenty of opportunity for quiet private reflection and to engage in optional group conversations.

(The retreat is based on the theme of Margaret’s new companion books ‘Hidden Wings’, due to be published June 2017 and ‘Growing into Tomorrow – a Workbook for butterflies-in-waiting’ to be published in November 2017)

October 9-14


Led by Daniel Muñoz,

Chaplain, Los Olivos Anglican Retreat Centre (Spain).

An opportunity to explore the wisdom of the Spanish mystics through their work and poetry. This retreat will focus on the writings of John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, and Lorca, in conversation with the paintings of El Greco and Salvador Dalí.

November 6 – 11

Creative Writing Retreat

Led by Susan Mansfield,

Spiritual director, poet, playwright and journalist

Interested in taking time out to write, and to deepen your spiritual journey? This guided retreat offers opportunities to write and be creative as well as to rest and reflect. There will be times of guided reflection, as well exercises aimed at stimulating creativity offered by a fellow writer. In the midst is an invitation with the God who invites us into a deeper sense of our creative selves.

The retreat is suitable for published and aspiring writers at any level. The balance of reflection and writing can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual. Susan Mansfield is a spiritual director and retreat leader, trained with the Epiphany Group and at Ignatian Spirituality Centre, Glasgow. She works principally from the Ignatian tradition, drawing on other creative and reflective resources.


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