Emmaus Community of St Benedict

The Emmaus community is a dispersed community, most of whom live busy lives in an urban setting, following a form of Benedict’s Rule, adapted for the needs of our times.

Whilst Emmaus House is by no means the sole focus of the community, members of the planning group were struck by an observation of Christopher Jamieson OSB when he met with them. He strongly counseled that a sense of place, a centre which people can relate to, is of real significance for Benedictines as an expression of the core vow to stability.  Emmaus House is the ‘mother house’ which is integral to developing a living community. The daily offering of prayer and hospitality at the house and our ministry to both local people and visitors form around the world are an integral part of that.  Go  the website www.ecsb.org.uk to find out more about the launch of our community which was blessed by the Bishop of Edinburgh, John.

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