Labyrinth garden

Last Saturday the first of our herbs were planted – medicinal, culinary and Biblical. These are: common and lemon thyme, lemon balm, mint spearmint, lemon mint, chives, marjoram, sage clary, horseradish, oregano, blue hyssop (see psalm 51 and elsewhere!), fennel and french tarragon. We look forward to seeing these fill up the corners around the labyrinth and add some beautiful fragrances to the experience, not to mention some great tastes for our cooking. The tablecloth which covers our dining table has long been a conversation piece at Emmaus House. Ordered online from a very small photo, we had no idea it would come not just with pictures of plants, but that they would turn out to be biblical plants (herbs, fruits etc) – complete with scripture references! No-one believes this wasn’t intentional on our part, but the planting out of the labyrinth very much is intentional, with the hope that this will enhance the path taken by all our visitors.

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